Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Letter to a Young Man Out There

Dear young man,

One word is enough for a wise man. If you have to be told twice about something, that should be a bit disappointing. I guess that's why she didn't bother telling you the same thing twice. There's always the virtue of communication, yes, but it's not to be taken advantage. Would that mean you didn't listen or even tried to understand the problem when it first happened?

Don't take her for granted. We only get one chance in life and in love. Get it right the first time before time makes you regret the chances you didn't take to love her while you still can. Consider this a reminder, but also a warning if that suits you.

Make her feel that you're proud of her. Remember, she's an amazing girl, and she chose to be with you, but if you're not ready to tell the whole world that you are in love with her, what good is that after all? One day she'll be tired of accepting your excuses. One day.

Give her flowers. She appreciates your gifts, but flowers have no equivalent as to making a girl smile as of yet. Don't ask. Just give her.

For all that has been said, she also wants to let you know that she does appreciate all the nice things you've done for her. She appreciates your commitment in the relationship, the effort to cross countries just to see her, the love your family has shown her, and all other sacrifices you've made for her. She's just a girl, you see. She's got expectations, and when you don't meet them, she gets disappointed and hurt, and makes her think stuff that discourages her all the more, no matter how mature she thinks she is, she's still just a girl, you see. She doesn't need one big gesture from you to know that you care about her. She'd rather like to see it the small, constant things you do for her. (I got this idea from the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus).


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