Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Comes Love

A book by Marion Winik.

It's a real life love story of Marion Winik and her late husband, Tony Winik nee Heubach (Tony followed after Marion's last name when they got married).

It all started when they met in New Orleans, and Marion falling in love at first sight with Tony. Nothing deterred her then, not even Tony's being gay. First comes love, then marriage, then Tony's diagnosis of AIDS, having children, Tony's drug addiction, Marion's infidelities, fighting, eventually peace, reconciliation, and death.

Like the review in the link above, this is a book you pick up, expecting nothing, and the next thing you know hours have passed and you couldn't care less. The beginning of the story, when they first met was my favorite part. Marion makes Tony look like the most beautiful creature in the world, and I couldn't agree more. There's actually this picture of them at the back of the book cover. I couldn't make out Tony's face because it's a side view picture, but if I may say, he probably looks like Bill and Tom Kaulitz, well more like Bill, but they're twins anyway.

It's a very blunt book, no reservations, but everything had worked for better understanding of the characters and I truly loved it. I remember what Tony said in his letter to his children, that he hoped when they grow up the world would finally have found a cure for AIDS. It's heartbreaking that there is still NO cure for AIDS. In God's time, maybe there will be, or sadly none at all. I'm having issues with this. Tony actually only started doing drugs again when he grasped the reality of his condition -- that one day, eventually, he will have to die. Well the fact is, when it's your time to die then you die. The problem with having a terminal illness is, you know it's near, not when exactly, but soon. And you can't stop thinking about it. Wouldn't it have been better if you just wake up one fine day, walk out of your house, get hit by a bullet and die? Then there'd be no anxious waiting.

I guess it's true, what they say, that you should live everyday as if it is your last. That's hard to do nowadays, but it does have a point. So we can be ready ANYTIME. No grudges, no heartaches, just peace.

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