Monday, August 2, 2010

Spasm of Accommodation

I went to an eye clinic today to have a new pair of glasses made, since I'll be having a medical exam next Monday, and my old glasses is no good. Aside from a broken right frame, it's also outdated grade-wise. My mom has always told me to get a new one but I haven't felt the need yet because I'm wearing contact lenses all the time anyway. But this medical exam is really really important for my visa application. So today, I decided to get  an eye check-up.

It's been a bittersweet experience. I'm glad that I'd finally have an updated eyeglasses, but at the same time, I found out that I have spasm of accommodation. My optometrist told me that at some point in time, I have been overgraded, thus this. He advised me to get a special pair of treatment glasses when I get abroad and I would have to use it for two years to be rid of this spasm. He also advised me on how to do it with contact lenses, but I really can't remember everything. I guess I'll just ask him again when I come back to pick up my new glasses.

The point of this story, actually, is to inform the public to be aware of non-qualified optometrists. When my new optometrist told me that I had been overgraded before, I knew instantly which optical shop did it -- executive optical (eo). I remember one of them examining my eyes and telling me, "Oh, you can actually tolerate this grade. I wonder why they gave you a higher one." You see? They're not careful with what they're doing and it cost me two years of my life (if treated) or it could be more than that if I fail to do something about it or perhaps unable to do it properly. This is just nerve-wracking. One good thing about having multiple doctors is that you get to find out who really has the chops to do it. By the way, here in my country, eo is very popular so I'm really upset about the idea of having more people become prey to this underquality care.


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