Monday, February 14, 2011

February 13, 2011 -- A Day To Remember

Last year's Valentine celebration was a family event mostly, when we still had Tito Bhoy, Tita Ens, Bea, and Ne Han with us. It was the first time we ever had a Valentine's party in the family so it was fun, mainly because it was something new. But yeah, it was fun, and we're always happy together.

This year's celebration was so much different! Thanks to Pastor Jek's suggestion that we have a youth banquet, and to everyone else who made it possible. It's also a family event, in a way, because we are a one big family in the church, even our parents were there to show their support -- our work crew. Lol! What made this event really special for me was my renewed love affair with God. It's always hard for a Christian to be "spiritually off" because there's that nagging feeling of guilt. After Keswick, I was really high and it went on for a couple of weeks, which worked out perfectly for me. Soon after, though, I started to grow lax with my devotionals, which unexpectedly took a wrong turn for me. And I say unexpected because I really didn't expect it. No matter how many times I've read the Bible, nor how knowledgeable I am with the doctrines of my faith, I'm still weak by myself.

Yesterday, we had a good speaker. He talked about a lot of things, but what I remember the most was when he said that Christians can't have two earrings (for girls). Well, that shouldn't be a problem, really, as I'm very stubborn when it comes to my principles. It was Maam Melody, however, who enlightened me as to the reason why I should stick to tradition. It's not just tradition, after all. I can't afford to be a stumbling block to the younger ones so there, I still have them on now but I promise to take them off later. Not because of what they said, but because I love my Lord.

And hosting that event, plus having the chance to read tita's Bible-story book again, all added to the spiritual euphoria I felt last night. And now. Plus, that late-night fellowship with my cousins and with the weekend workers.

Speaking of the workers, we've grown really close to them, and I personally can't think of any other group who would be as close to us as them. They're the first we've had on the church, which makes them more special to us. March is coming and I dread it so much. I hope Pastor Jun and Maam Daisy could be with us again next year, and also Pastor Jek if he can intern there. Maam Melody, as much as I love her, I'm really not sure if she can stay there permanently, so I've prepared myself for that. I'd like to think that I'm speaking in behalf of the family, because I'm pretty sure everyone else has loved them the way I did. It's been a year and many things have happened. I guess, what I'm trying to say is, I'm just really thankful we've had them, even for that short span of time.

Pastor Mark was cool too. Or it's probably because we're a really friendly bunch. People always feel at home with our family. Everything about yesterday was wonderful! To God be the glory always!

My blog is so ironic. One moment I'm posting about fashion, then the next minute I'm being religious and all. But that's what it's all about. This blog is about me; my life and experiences. And I'm saying that like I'm such a regular poster. Oh well.


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