Thursday, March 24, 2016


I used to remember a time in my life when my emotions were never constant, on top of being a girl that is, although at that time I hadn't really attributed it to my gender. I'd like to say so many negative things about that phase of my life, but I couldn't really because during all those helpless and painful moments, I learned to fight on bended knees, and I did grow a lot in my spiritual life. Milestones, those trying times, as I would call them.

Today, for so long, I was able to feel emotions so strong - of pain, defiance, fear, helplessness, and even courage. It's always a good thing when people come to an understanding, but sometimes the process has to be painful. Just remembering how it felt, with tears streaming down my face makes me want to just cry again. You know that feeling when you're sobbing and you're still trying to put a brave face on, when you start out angry but as you start to listen, you slowly begin to understand, and all the previously heightened negative emotions finally subside, when you eventually learn to admit that you've also made a mistake, and the appreciation and awe at seeing someone so angry trying to control his temper to be able to explain things properly and resolve the conflict. Things like this don't happen everyday, and I was just glad to see the good I have always believed to exist in someone so misjudged. This post is not even about love, ladies and gentlemen, yet it's very emotional.

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