Thursday, March 17, 2016


What inspired me to write tonight is remembering the phrase "warm, fuzzy feeling" a friend used to describe the word love.

There was a little bit of a disagreement there. I look at love seriously, and almost sacredly perhaps, I couldn't accept it to be as superficial as a warm, fuzzy feeling that comes and goes away. 

I guess it does help to understand it when there's a comparison involved. Now I know that love is when you can't stay mad at the other person for too long - it doesn't matter if you've been upset all day, you'll still end up forgiving, and you just can't fathom in your tiny little brain "why"! Love is when you choose to trust instead of entertaining negative thoughts. Love is when you wouldn't want to change a person, regardless of any annoying behavior (Oh, my Google must be American ^^,), only because you want that person to be free - free to be who he/she wants to be. And it's scary realizing that you've been in a long-term relationship for too long without ever experiencing these things. That's when you start using comparison to define it.

So yeah, there are moments of indifference as well. I guess that's when the warm, fuzzy feeling goes away, according to my friend. And yes I agree, it does come and go. I shouldn't have begged to disagree. Yet somehow, it's knowing that even if this strange emotion is fickle, as I am, the assurance that the other person will always just be there, regardless of what he/she is feeling - well, isn't that the best feeling ever? What an irony! Sadly, it's not almost always that two people feel the same towards each other.

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