Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What I Think About the UK

I've been living in the UK for more than a year now but I haven't really stopped to contemplate on how different my life has been since then. I guess this should be a good time to talk about it. Unbelievably, this is what post-night shift does to your brain. I've never been more inspired to write a post. Lol! Here are a few things:

1. I just can't explain the scarcity of Filipino food in here. Well, truth be told, and almost everyone agrees to this fact - British food is generally bland. They always have to put salt and pepper on their food, and even then it doesn't give it any flavour at all. It's like eating for a fill-in, but not really enjoying the food itself. I just don't know why, but that's the way it is and my British friends are quite happy with it, so whatever. I just missed how savoury Filipino food is.

2. I only use an umbrella here when it's raining. Back in Iloilo, you will never see me without one. I even realized that I had fairer skin when I was back home. Here, you will never really see anyone with an umbrella on a sunny day. They kind of worship the sun on this side of the world, which can be pretty reasonable considering they don't get as much warmth and sunshine for more or less half a year. But still..... 

3. Public transportation is not easily accessible here. I have to walk to my bus stop and wait for a couple of minutes before I can actually go anywhere. Cabs are also quite expensive. In the Philippines, jeepneys come one after the other, you even have the luxury to choose where you would like to ride. Taxis are very cheap. Then, you have tricycles and pedicabs if you don't want to walk the extra metres. I mean, life was just very convenient in terms of public transportation. I guess I'm also just used to everything being so close to where I live - my work, my school, even my church is right in front of my house. So here, when I have to walk 15 minutes going to work, 10 minutes to the bus stop, and 20 minutes to church, it can really be a bit unpleasant sometimes.

4. When I first came here, I was depressed most of the time. It's very different being with people whom you've only just met, and who don't really care about you as much as your friends and family back home do. I am very blessed to have a church family here whom the Lord has greatly used to help me survive the difficult adjustment period I had to go through. Nowadays, I don't feel so sad anymore. I guess I've learned to cope with it. I have noticed that I usually get nostalgic when my mind is idle, so as much as possible I never stay at home on my days off. I also try to appreciate what I have instead of focusing on what I don't have. I mean, the UK is a very beautiful country. I should be more than happy to be living here. I have no reason to complain.

5. One other major struggle here is Christianity. It's just so different. Here, fellowship is all about food. I just miss hearing testimonies on how God works in His children's lives. That's how we encourage one another, when we see people growing in the Lord. I miss seeing raw and honest emotions from the overwhelming grace and goodness of the Lord. I am still hopeful to find it in this country. If not, I will still praise and thank Him for everything!

6. Coming here in the UK has opened a lot of opportunities for traveling. The British people generally love to travel at every opportunity they get. It's kind of rubbed off on a lot of Filipinos as well, which is not a bad thing, I should say. The only downside is me enjoying all these things without my family beside me to share the joy and happiness. 

These are, basically, just musings of someone who has finally found a blog-worthy topic to write about. Or is it? Anyhow, it's been a wonderful year. Happy anniversary to us, UK! Ciao, bellas! (Where did that come from?) --> What a very lazy way to end a post! Lol!


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