Thursday, November 21, 2013


Twelve days ago, a very powerful super typhoon devastated my country and reduced it to rubbles, with nothing left but loss and desperation. Actually, there are only certain areas which are greatly affected, my own hometown not included, but the heart of the Filipinos are one at this time of calamity, so I cannot say that their problem is not my own.

At night before I sleep, I think of everyone without a home, who sleep in the dark, especially in Tacloban, where I heard people were very hostile for a time, right after the typhoon. As of the moment dead bodies still line the streets and many are left with nothing to eat, and are solely dependent on the relief operations being provided by government and non-government organizations.

It is just amazing to see the generosity of the rest of the world, namely U.S., Japan, Europe, etc. who were there, the minute this news came up, and remain to this day, with selfless help and service if only to alleviate the sufferings and provide a ray of hope to the residents of the affected areas.

I have done my part, I hope, though I wish I could do more. My heart just keeps breaking every time I see their situation on the news, or see pictures. It is good to know that delivery of relief goods have reached a large percentage of the affected areas. Now, the rebuilding. Honestly, it would take so much time, money, energy, and effort to rebuild everything that has been damaged.


I know of a few rebuilding projects and I just want to help them in one way or another.

Rebuilding of Doane Baptist School in Isabel, Leyte

Contact person:
Joshua Caleb Hocson
Camotes Island, Cebu

This is what's left of the Elementary building.

The High school department

Faculty rooms
Elementary classrooms

Hallway entrance

Rebuilding of Banga, Aklan

Rebuilding of Malangabang, Salvacion, and Baliguian, Concepcion, Iloilo

Contact Person:
Malangabang, Concepcion, Iloilo

There is really nothing left for them.
Their main industry is fishing and now fishing boats have all
been destroyed by the typhoon.
Houses made of wood and bamboo were easily toppled
down by the strong winds of Super Typhoon Haiyan

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

This song!

I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house. When things go wrong we can knock it down.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Expectations vs Reality

We confine ourselves to the limits of our own expectations, when we can actually live without them and just take in all that is, was, and will be, which is reality.

Psychology is to be blamed for the so-called expectations. As far as I can remember, out of my psychology and nursing psychiatry classes, our behavior towards something will depend on the outcomes we have continually been having through certain methods i.e. repetition, consistency, and the likes.

So now, my main point. This is cliche, or probably just plain pessimism, but the root of all heartaches = expectations. Heartaches? Yes, this is actually a post about love.

I'm not sure how many people can read this, and I'm further oblivious as to how many readers can actually relate to what I'm trying to point out. Just lately....just today, actually, out of my own personal musings, I get to thinking.. "If we just learn to surrender our expectations and accept reality, wouldn't life be so much easier for us?" And again I say "surrender".

If you're hurting, ask yourself, "Why am I hurting?" It's because of a failed expectation. So why subject yourself to all the hurting when you can simply accept the one and only fact? It happens to be different from what or how you wanted it to be, but hey, it's over and done. Just learn to deal with it and move on.

I actually wrote a very long paragraph in this space citing a very classic example for the aforementioned opinion, but I removed it, as I understand this is a public post and anything I say can be assumed to make reference to my personal life, which is an absolutely reasonable assumption, but can only really be an assumption after all, because the truth is, I just made it up. But whatever, I deleted it anyways.

So just let me end this without an example. Hope you still get the point. It's a really simple thing. Let go of you expectations and accept reality. It will give you so much freedom you never imagined possible.

And by the way, no it's not redundant, it's called emphasis.


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