Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cloud 9

Originally posted on mark's blog. I really think he's an excellent writer, and a sentimental one too, very much like me. Though nowadays he's more into informative posts rather than personal ones, which is just okay I guess.

So he tagged this cloud 9, thus my post title. I actually posted this first on facebook, with credits of course.

Eye see you

It might be the caffeine talking but I'm enamored with the shape of my fate. Maybe it's the water waving at me but I'm inlove with these visions of late. A tiny man sits by himself on the edge of his seventh floor hotel, and after only one cup and two sugars, he sees the world as well. Could it be that what we see is a product of what we've seen til' now? And if it is, and every inch of sight matters, I'll thank my eyes somehow.

"Thank you, eyes"

From someone who was raised from a wolfpack. You gotta be singing now.

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