Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Turned 23

Idleness gets me daydreaming,
I think of life, of work, I think of you,
Of many days spent figuring out what to do.
When I've hurt, got hurt, but stood my ground.

Saying goes, "Everybody's unique so we're all the same."
Though I'd say, no one else has my will power.
I'm scared, but I don't show it,
Got hurt and moved on. That's the way it is.

So far so good now, when time has healed us.
I have forgiven, yet I find, forgetting is not easy.
Just really glad there's so much more to life,
Coz joy and inspiration never stop coming.

My dilemma is to go or not to go.
I DID want to, now I don't know.
Wants have changed, forgotten love has surfaced.
I wanna do something else, if I may.

I'm young and nothing's too late,
Except being fifty, and not quite happy.
I'm blessed, still blessed.
Thank You for having my back, all the way.

Writing feels good, so good
I almost forgot what it's like
Translating emotions into words.
Glad I haven't lost my touch!

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