Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I'm absent from work today, yay! So I might as well make use of my time in a really good way. Good way, huh? I'm going to make a not-so-review of our recent family favorite movie -- Crazy Little Thing Called Love a.k.a. First Love. A movie starring Chone (Mario Maurer) and Nam (Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon), both Thai actors.

It's a sort of unrequited love story of a younger, ugly, dark-skinned, nerdy girl towards her handsome, popular, almost-perfect senior. The producers provided this tag line with the movie: Everybody's love story, basically because at one point in every girl's life, this situation has most likely taken place. Where you just sit from afar and  look at the boy you like, along with every other girl who are secretly crushing on him too. That could have been a perfect plot. The twist and turns, however, were a little too unrealistic, so it put me off a bit.

Nam's transformation into a more beautiful lady was all done for Chone. Not bad, in a way, it was just too fast, though. How can a girl grow into someone else in just one semester? You gotta be kidding me! But in the eyes of the captivated fans, I guess that doesn't matter one bit anyway, so it's my bad for feeling that way. Lol. Actually, I liked it a lot, but I need to give an honest review, right? And who wouldn't get touched after finding out that Chone felt the same way all along, even when Nam was yet the ugly duckling that she was? Awwww. What a beautiful story!

They had to part ways after the revelation, and then nine years had to pass before they would meet each other again. It was an unsatisfying ending, and again -- unrealistic. Could you possibly wait for someone for nine years? Nine long years? There I go again.

The fact is, no matter how fantasy-ish it was, I still really liked it so much. What a good way to end my Saturday night and what a good way to bond with my cousins. We all really enjoyed it. I'm just pretending not to like it so I could earn a reputation as being a "tough critic", but really I'm not. Lol. You should watch Crazy Little Thing Called Love, I'm giving it 5 stars! Meantime, check out the trailer here.

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