Wednesday, April 27, 2016

These are a few of my favourite things...

I've just come up with a few things I kind of miss doing, favourites or not.

1. If there's one thing in common between all the members of my immediate family, it is our love for Reader's Digest. My mother would usually buy back issues from this guy who sells magazines in our school. Back issues because they're cheaper by I don't know how much, but a bargain is still a bargain, and we didn't enjoy reading them any less. When I think of Reader's Digest I get happy thoughts. It makes me remember my brother, who would always beat me to reading them first. It makes me remember my mom, who would never fail to buy them every month. I wonder if she buys them for herself, for us, or for the purpose of helping the poor guy who sells them. Oh, I've been here two years now, I need to make/get my own subscription. I don't have a mother here who would buy back issues for me anymore. *sigh*

2. Playing the piano at church. It's not even about playing during the service, but those raw, uninhibited moments when everyone would just let me play to my heart's content while they're all sat chatting in the gazebo, doing whatever they're doing. My mom has always told everyone that I express myself better in music. She instantly knows when I have a problem just with the way I play, or with my choice of music. Obviously, she's got her mother's instinct, honed by many years of putting up with me. If it were true, I wonder how I must have survived two years in this foreign country without playing on a regular basis. An 88-key keyboard with portable pedal is nothing similar to a grand piano.

3. Going to the mall after an 8-hour shift. It seemed the most normal thing to do where I come from. There's always a lot going on at any time of the day. Shops never close early, there's always a restaurant/shop nearby. At the back of my head, it's something I may never be able to enjoy again the way I used to, but at least somehow every time I go home, I get a taste of the life I once lived. I feel nostalgic now just writing about it.

4. Spending time with church family every Sunday. After the service, we would have lunch together, get rest for a few hours, have afternoon fellowship with the young people, and chat again afterwards. Oh how I miss Christian fellowship back home. (insert sad face here)

It's funny how I can only think of one place in the world every time I think of things I miss the most. I guess if I move back there, I'll miss everything about "here" too. Ah, human nature indeed.

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