Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cyborg She (My Girlfriend is a Cyborg)

Watched this movie last night with my cousins. Overall rating would be 8. I like it despite all the lapses.

It is November 22, 2007. Jirou Kitamura (Keisuke Koide) is spending his 20th birthday alone. As he buys a birthday present for himself, he spies a 'cute girl' (Haruka Ayase). The girl, who seems interested in him, follows him into a restaurant, during which she suddenly states that it's 'her birthday too'. The two of them then exchange birthday presents. The girl, who seems unused to everything, behaves very boldly and suddenly rushes Jirou out of the restaurant without paying, provoking a chase through Tokyo. As he spends time with her, Jirou finds himself charmed by the girl. But after a few hours the girl insists she has to leave.
The story then jumps to one year later and Jirou is again celebrating his birthday alone in the same restaurant. All of a sudden, a twin of the girl appears in front of him. This girl, however, has been sent to save him from a disastrous fate by a future version of himself- she's a cyborg, modeled after the girl he met a year ago. Despite her 'cute' outward appearance, she is incredibly strong, and her behavior is erratic. She comes to Jirou's aid whenever he is in danger and saves many other lives through her intervention.
Over time, Jirou not only becomes dependent on, but also falls for her. However, when she cannot return his feelings, he gets irritated and forbids her to from seeing him unless she can do so. He begins to regret this, especially when it becomes apparent she is still helping him while staying out of sight. Another disaster soon happens: a gigantic earthquake completely devastates Tokyo. As his apartment block collapses, the girl appears to help him but even her inhuman strength isn't enough to save her. After telling Jirou that she now understands his feelings, she is destroyed. Distraught, Jirou spends the next 61 years trying to rebuild her. He eventually succeeds, although he passes away soon afterwards.
In that future, a girl is told there is a cyborg on display that looks just like her. She is curious, and buys the now defunct cyborg to experience the memories stored in her hard-drive. Intrigued, she then decides to fulfill her wish of going back in time to meet Jirou on his 20th birthday in 2007...

Source: Wikipedia

I love how everything's explained on the last part. I just think that their visit to the hometown was a little insignificant, aside from the fact that the cat, Raoul, was introduced there. I also felt uncomfortable watching the earthquake scenes, considering that Japan has suffered from a real-life one recently. It must have been like that for real victims too -- fleeing for their lives. I can't imagine how Jirou's former hometown has been totally wiped out and a new town was put up there with new inhabitants altogether.

On the bright side, I really loved the cyborg girl's devotion. In English, they translated it as "I can feel your heart" but I know it must have had a more perfect meaning in their original language. I also loved the fact that Little Miss Future chose to spend the rest of her life in the past, living in place of the cyborg. (She has her memories anyway.) So it's a perfect ending for both Jirou and Miss Future, but not for the cyborg, because I assume there's no need to reassemble her for someone else has taken her place and her memory. Hmm.

There are three three futures in this movie. One was when Jirou became a debilitated scientist, which led him to create the cyborg. Second was Jirou's future with the cyborg, though we didn't really get to see much of that, only their present. And last is his future with the human girl, which is also left to assumption, because the movie ended right then and there when the girl appeared in front of him after the devastation.

I really liked it overall. It's different. (I almost thought it was just another My Sassy Girl version.) It's also about love, devotion, and choice. Plus, the girl is very pretty! I could have wished a better looking partner for her, but whatever, it's all good.

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